A journey through space and time Moritz Grossmann presents MOON in SPACE in London

Grossmann Watches presents the MOON in SPACE – Fascinating play of proportions through different sizes of case and movement

A homage to the beauty of the Moon

  • New video and presentation of MOON in SPACE in London on 11 July 2019 at the international Moritz Grossmann Roadshow 2019
  • Handcrafted moon motif with relief engraving
  • Rich-contrast dial face design in black and white grand-feu enamel
  • Fascinating use of proportions with different-sized case and movement
  • Limited to 8 watches worldwide

MOON in SPACE on film – The video about the MOON in SPACE can be found here.


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It’s impressive and mystical. The Moon has fascinated mankind for millennia. As Earth’s closest celestial body, it has inspired poets and philosophers and spurred on researchers and astronauts, and it still influences people today. With its regular orbit around the Earth, it sustains the tides, acts as a marker for dividing our year into months and is therefore an essential timekeeper for life on Earth.

The independent Glashütte manufactory Moritz Grossmann let the beauty, radiance and power of the Moon guide it, capturing its magic in a timepiece with a special brilliance: MOON in SPACE is a homage to Earth’s fascinating companion and combines time and space in bold aesthetics and maximum precision.

The dial face features three celestial bodies, which appear to move freely through the universe: a silver, shimmering Moon with a textured surface serves as a striking fixed point. Two smaller dials, one for the hour and minute and another for the seconds, sit in the foreground in front of the Moon.

The different sizes of the dials make exciting use of proportions and play with the size variation concept characteristic of MOON in SPACE: with a diameter of 44.5 mm, the case is almost twice as large as the just 26.0 mm Calibre 102.0 – an enormous different that MOON in SPACE overcomes with elegant ease.

The movement is positioned in a holding ring at the winding crown on the case and fixed in place with four black gold-plated bars. The bars bridge the height difference between the edge of the case and the movement holding ring, and their bold design echoes the four antennas shooting out from Earth’s first satellite, Sputnik 1. Sapphire crystal with an antireflective coating provides a view of the support elements and sophisticated structure of MOON in SPACE and reinforces the impression of open space and movement.

A deep black case with matte, diamond-like substance symbolises the darkness of the universe. It gets its extraordinary look from an exquisite diamond-like carbon (DLC) treatment, where the stainless steel is carbon-coated in a chemical vapour deposition process. The result is a blackened, extremely hard surface permanently protected from scratches, wear and corrosion.

The dial face

The celestial body model was crafted with extreme precision and great love for detail: thanks to the curved surface, the silver moon motif looks especially dynamic. The relief texture is handcrafted and shows a lunar landscape with its characteristic rock formations. The provenance of MOON in SPACE is evidenced by a fine, hand-engraved Moritz Grossmann logo at the upper left edge.

In front of the silver, shimmering surface, two smaller dials with Arabic numerals come prominently to the fore: the dial for the hours and minutes radiates in white grand-feu enamel. Its contrast cousin counts the seconds at the 7 o’clock mark in black grand-feu enamel. The Grossmann hands with their excellent contrast each ensure that both dials are easy to read.

The ultra-fine, handcrafted stainless steel hands for the hours and minutes were annealed to a brown-violet hue, while the small seconds hand was polished to a glossy stainless steel finish. A black strap made of the finest alligator leather with a prong buckle sets a fittingly dark accent.

Manufactory calibre 102.0

The highly refined movement sits in the manufactory calibre 102.0. Despite its small dimensions, the calibre has a classic 3/5 plate structure and features all of the characteristic Grossmann elements, such as the stepped balance cock with Grossmann micrometer screw, the separately removable winding block and the mass-optimised balance. The sapphire crystal display back provides an open view of the sophisticated mechanical workings of the brilliant movement elements.

With MOON in SPACE, manufactory founder Christine Hutter and her team dedicate a new masterpiece to the Grossmann pioneering spirit and its philosophy of precise functionality. It is a timepiece that shows ‘Schönstes deutsches Handwerk’ and therefore reflects the high standards of the manufactory in every detail.

Presentation of MOON in SPACE in London

As one of the final highlights of the Moritz Grossmann Roadshow 2019, MOON in SPACE will be presented in London on 11 July 2019. On this day, a waxing moon is expected to appear in the star sign of Scorpio. If one is wont to believe the astrological readings of the moon, 11 July 2019 is a time of growth, opportunity and trade – a perfect time, then, to choose an everlasting timepiece from the manufactory Moritz Grossmann.