TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise in the pre-selection at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) 2019

Grossmann Uhren in the pre-selection of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève

Magnificent charisma combined with golden Milanaise bracelet

  • In 2019 Moritz Grossmann is already for the second time in a row in the preselection in the category ladies’ watches at the GPHG
  • Asymmetric case and dial of the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise set with diamonds
  • Artistic motif of a nocturnal sand dune landscape with a moon shining above it made from the finest mother-of-pearl – each one a unique specimen
  • Designed by Michael Koh, painter, sculptor and one of Singapore’s leading jewellery designers
  • Very fine Milanaise jewelled strap that matches the case in rose gold

With the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise, Moritz Grossmann has reached the pre-selection in the ladie‘s watch category 2019 at the “Oscar” of the watch industry. With the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise, the independent manufactory is pleased to be represented in the pre-selection of the renowned Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) for the second time in a row with a ladies‘ watch. In 2018, the young manufactory had already reached the pre-selection in this category with the TEFNUT Twist Classic.

Christine Hutter, Founder & CEO Moritz Grossmann, is delighted: “With the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise we have responded to the wish of many female watch lovers for a sophisticated movement mechanism. We have been observing this trend for several years now.

The TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise combines beauty, mechanical know-how, craftsmanship and a great deal of passion for the art of watchmaking. We are proud that, after 2018, the jury has again selected a Moritz Grossmann model for the pre-selection in the ladies’ watch category at the Grand Prix in 2019, and we are looking forward to the outcome of the final awards ceremony in Geneva in November 2019.“

Further information about the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise


Scheherazade would certainly have fallen in love with the dazzlingly beautiful TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise. This magnificent jewelled watch brings to life the tales of the Arabian Nights with radiant diamonds, handcrafted mother-of-pearl and an elaborate Milanaise bracelet.

Inspired by the beauty and mysticism of the Orient, designed by the artist Michael Koh, a watch with a magical aura has been created that unites the art of watchmaking with the art of jewellery to the highest level of perfection. The dial takes the observer into a mysterious nocturnal landscape of sand dunes with a moon shining above them. It is assembled elaborately by hand using the finest and precisely cut mother-of-pearl plates. Due to the varying colours of the mother-of-pearl, each image is a small unique specimen.

62 white brilliant-cut diamonds and a radiant, asymmetrical guilloche lend the dreamlike motif a sparkling frame.

Milanaise jewelry bracelet in rose gold


The TEFNUT Arabian Nights comes with an elaborate Milanaise bracelet: it is made in rose gold to match the case and lends the watch its perfect elegance. Thanks to the ultra-fine workmanship, it gently nestles on the wrist and feels cool and airy on the skin even on hot days. The folding clasp can be variably adjusted and easily released

Dial, hands and case


The black Roman numerals and the unmistakable Grossmann hands stand out harmoniously against the delicate line structure of the dial. The rose gold case has an asymmetrical curved shape and widens gently from the crown to the 9 o’clock side. The bezel is set with 62 white brilliant-cut diamonds. Two freely suspended bracelets, fixed to one side of the case, are decorated with blue cabochons like the crown, and easily pick up on the exciting asymmetry of the design

Caliber 102.0

The TEFNUT Arabian Nights features the characteristic movement elements of the calibre 102.0: cantilevered balance cock with the Grossmann micrometer screw, raised gold chatons, a separately removable winder module, and the mass-optimised Grossmann balance. The sapphire crystal back on the back of the watch reveals the radiant high-artistic finish of the movement.

Michael Koh – Designer of the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise

Michael Koh is a painter, sculptor and one of Singapore’s leading jewellery designers. He has designed the TEFNUT Arabian Nights for Moritz Grossmann. He transforms art into jewellery and pieces of jewellery into works of art. His great passion is extraordinary stones. At the age of 18, Michael Koh is the youngest jewellery designer to receive the Diamond of Distinction Award 1990 and the Young Designer Award. This was followed by the Hong Kong Diamond Design Award, the Diamond International Design Competition Award and many more. In 2004 Michael Koh establishes his own manufactory and brand: Caratell is awarded the Top Ten Luxury Jewellery Brand in Singapore in 2016.


About the Grand Prix d’horlogerie de Genéve

The GPHG Foundation annually organises the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), which is intended to salute the excellence of worldwide horological production and annually rewards the finest creations and the most important operators in the watchmaking sector.

The pre-selected watches will be exhibited around the globe, on four continents, offering a cosmopolitan audience exceptional opportunities to discover the most remarkable recent watch creations.

The GPHG prizegiving ceremony held in November of each year at Grand Théâtre de Genève draws elite representatives of the international watchmaking profession.