The German watch manufacturer opened the first boutique in Tokyo

The German luxury watch brand Moritz Grossmann from Glashütte has opened the first boutique in Tokyo (Koishikawa).

The German luxury watch brand Moritz Grossmann from Glashütte has opened the first boutique in Tokyo (Koishikawa). In the premises of a former printing house, in an area of about 100 square meters and seven meters ceiling height, attended the architects and interior designers with their plans for a spacious feel.
The ambience of the boutique has delightfully harmonious colors and subtle lighting. For the interior designers the feel-good factor was very important for making the stay of customers an experience. A restored Heidelberg printing machine is reminiscent of the former printing company, but also old watchmaker tools have been integrated in the design of the rooms. Hanging gardens in the entrance harmonize with the cherry blossoms at Harimazaka Avenue.
The brand MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASHÜTTE I/SA was founded in 2008 in Glashütte and revives the tradition of craftsmanship by Moritz Grossmann. The young company focuses on its deep value and superior craftsmanship. Even the hands of the watch are produced in the manufactory. In 2010, Moritz Grossmann has introduced the first model BENU. There are now four models in the program. All watches are available in the newly opened boutique in Tokyo.

Christine Hutter (CEO Grossmann Uhren GmbH) in an interview at the opening of Moritz Grossmann boutique in Tokyo:

Why have you opened a boutique in Tokyo Koishikawa?

Christine Hutter (CEO Grossmann Uhren GmbH): “Japan is a very important market in the watch industry. The opening of the boutique is an important milestone in the development of this market. Therefore, we are very proud that we found Mr. Koichi Kudo as a trusted partner. Together with us he will build up the brand MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASHÜTTE I / SA in Japan. With the opening of the new boutique in Tokyo, we have entered a new phase of our development. The boutique reflects the architecture and interior design philosophy and spirit of our manufactory. In Tokyo we were looking for a suitable address in the districts of Ginza, Aoyama or Nihonbashi. There you will find the most luxury stores. But Moritz Grossmann is new in Japan, so we decided to start in an exceptional area. In a place that fits to our brand. In Tokyo / Koishikawa we have found such a place, because you can still find plenty of tradition from the Edo period. The watches of Moritz Grossmann have also a great tradition – just as the flair of Koishikawa.”

What are the future plans?

Christine Hutter: “For us, a vision came true, because when we have launched the company Moritz Grossmann in 2008, we can not imagine that we are already at this point today. Within six years, we have built a fully functioning production process and a manufactory in Glashütte. We have four watch models -including the BENU-tourbillon developed and produced. We are building up an international distribution network and we will present two new watches at the Baselworld 2015. We have achieved a lot, but there is still much for us to do. We will implement thoughtful and go step by step.”