The Dresden-Tokyo axis has a new cornerstone コーナーストーン

With the CORNER STONE, the independent Glashütte manufactory Moritz Grossmann presents its first watch model in a rectangular design.

Moritz Grossmann presents the new CORNER STONE in Tokyo

  • New video of the second station of the Moritz Grossmann Roadshow 2019 in Tokyo  (Dubai – Tokyo – Hong Kong – London)
  • Rectangular design
  • Three dial variants in five different versions
  • New calibre 102.3 with high power reserve of 60 hours

CORNER STONE „on film“ – discover the details of CORNER STONE up close!


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The watch strikes four times at the top of the hour. Four seasons form a complete cycle. The new CORNER STONE model from independent watchmaker Moritz Grossmann, which will be presented to the press in Tokyo on 7 March, has four corners. If you pronounce the English term “corner stone” in Japanese, the words curiously sound very similar in both languages: “Kōnāsutōn”. In Japanese script it looks like this: コーナーストーン

Grossmann Uhren GmbH wants to draw on this wonderful similarity between the two cultures and languages by naming the new model with the innovative rectangular design CORNER STONE. It is Grossmann’s first watch in this design variant that is particularly popular on the Japanese market. The new calibre 102.3 was specially designed for the rectangular movement shape with a small second scale at 6.00 o’clock and a central hour and minute display.

The flat case of the CORNER STONE with the curved lugs nestles perfectly on the wrist of both ladies and fashion-conscious men and always makes an elegant statement.

Three dial variants

Solid silver, opaline dial

In this version, the dial is made of solid silver with rose gold appliqués. The case is also made of rose gold. Another version of the dial features white gold appliqués with a white gold case. Handmade, brown-violet hands harmonise with both variants. A special feature of this variant is the small second and centre of the dial square-shaped.

Solid silver, black lacquered dial

Another version of the dial in solid silver is offered in black with Arabic numerals and a minute and seconds display scale in white. The case is made of white gold, while the handmade hands are made of polished stainless steel. The small second has a round shape.

Dial in white Grand-feu enamel

The enamelled dial is in rich white, with the numerals, minute markers and time display scale of the small seconds in brown providing an eye-catching contrast. As with the silver dial version, the case is also available in white gold or rose gold with handmade, brown-violet hands. The enamelled dial is furnished with a round small seconds display.

The white enamel version is limited to a run of 25 for each variation.

New calibre 102.3

A new calibre has been developed for the rectangular shape that makes optimum use of the installation space and also offers further advantages. It has resulted in a movement with a relatively large barrel. A significantly longer power reserve of 60 hours could thus be achieved. The characteristic stop-second function has been realised in a new form. The kinetic energy of the angle lever is transmitted via a coupling rod, whereby the balance is gently braked by means of the stop spring and comes to a precise standstill.

High Artistic Finish

The CORNER STONE is supplied with a movement in High Artistic Finish. The typical four Grossmann stripes are applied horizontally to the two thirds plate. The writing “Moritz Grossmann” is engraved by hand.

The ratchet wheel has a particularly elaborate surface finish in the form of three band snailing. For the resulting optical effect, the teeth of the ratchet are initially given a continuous bevel. The snailing is then traditionally applied with a bronze bell. Turning the ratchet wheel creates an optical illusion: the rotation of the wheel when winding the watch is no longer perceptible.

The stepped balance cock with hand-engraved pattern, the golden chatons and the manually crafted hands tempered over an open flame perfect the extremely sophisticated impression of this watch.

CORNER STONE “on the road”:

Grossmann Uhren GmbH presents its latest models and innovations as part of its international roadshow 2019. Following the launch in Dubai on 30 January 2019, Tokyo will be the second station with the launch of the CORNER STONE on 7 March. From May to July, new product launches follow in Hong Kong and London

Further details about the Roadshow 2019 can be found here:

The CORNER STONE comes in three dial variants:

CORNER STONE rose gold (MG-002145) and white gold (MG-002144), dial solid silver, opaline

CORNER STONE white gold (MG-001910), dial solid silver, black lacquered

CORNER STONE enamel rose gold (MG-001950) and white gold (MG-002142), dial white Grand-feu enamel, each limited to 25 pieces worldwide.