Moritz Grossmann presents designs of hand-drawn watches on new Homepage

Moritz Grossmann presents the new Homepage

The web presence of a company is its business card and a flagship that is visible from anywhere in the world. Grossmann Uhren surprises its friends and interested parties with a new website in an innovative, unique design. Sketched by hand by an artist who is a friend of the manufactory, Grossmann’s timepieces can be admired as delicate pencil drawings – a symbol of Schönstes deutsches Handwerk that is to be found in every one of our timepieces.

Exquisite macro photographs show Grossmann’s timepieces in all their fine details, from the dial to the handmade, finished movement. The history of the company in both former and modern times can be found as well as information about the production of the hands that many of our friends say are the most graceful in their class – a compliment for which we would like to say thank you: with our new homepage and the presentation of our Schönstes deutsches Handwerk in all its facets.