Harriet Oberlaender about the Tefnut Lady Butterfly

Harriet Oberlaender spricht über die TEFNUT Lady Butterfly und welchen Platz die Schmetterlinge in ihrem Leben einnehmen.

Guest contribution by Harriet Oberlaender:

A glance at my watch tells the wearer a lot more than the exact time!

The elaborate, colourful butterflies embody pure happiness.

They remind us of the preciousness of each moment. Just like if a butterfly were to settle on our hand, a moment so beautiful that time seems to stand still.

In my art, butterflies are a symbol for our soul, which wants to ‘fly’.

They encourage us to be free, to be ourselves, distinctive and unique.

They encourage us to not hold back, but to live our dreams full of love and gratitude for this great gift of life – our time!

My wish for the wearer of the Tefnut Lady Butterfly is that every glance at the watch will lift her up in the truest sense of the phrase!

It was an exciting experience for me to capture the positive, powerful energy of my large-format pictures on a small dial for this watch with the same level of intensity, and I was delighted to see the masterful skills with which the employees of MG implemented my idea.

I know how much love I put into every brush stroke while painting and I saw the same love in the watchmakers of the manufactory. Love of perfection and at the same time the desire to forge new paths with traditional craftsmanship and create works of art that fascinate and amaze.

For me, the Tefnut Lady Butterfly is a true masterpiece, created from the joint work of many artists, each of them a master of their genre.

Harriet Oberlaender